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Gerd has completed a number of jobs on our boat including routine maintenance, repairs, and troubleshooting on our CH burner, all to a good standard of quality and in an efficient, flexible, and timely fashion. He has extensive and diverse experience and consequently a breadth of expertise which he applied in a professional way. The icing on the cake was Gerd's friendly and approachable manner, and for me personally, his excellent command of English. I will definitely be using Easy2Sail again.

betting out gunwale

( Mathew Littlewood )

We came across Gerd from Easy 2 sail as he was working on another boat in Flandria yacht haven Brugge and asked him if he worked on engines. I needed attention to both my generator and main engine and he kindly came to have a look. The Generator had not worked properly for two years due to a problem with the heat exchanger and I had as I thaught a leak on the exhaust manifold of the main engine. The Generator is now fixed and Gerd will attend to the main engine shortly. Easy2sail is very competitive and Gerd has a wide range of skills. We are very pleased with the results after the failed attempts at repairs done in France we at last have a fully functioning generator.

Service on Engine

( David Johnson )